Monday, 10 December 2012

Renewing Vows

The most common thing I hear from a Bride and Groom after a wedding is "I wish we had done this/that"! Some couples wish they did things simpler and others wish that the cake was different, or the wedding was on a beach and the brides dress had been a colour instead of white. A Renewal of your Vows is a great chance to do things differently.
Personally, I would not tell anyone that it was happening. The invite would go out and it would be a shock to everyone. We would only have less than half of the guests that we had at our wedding, it would happen on the beach and my dress would be short and sweet. Oh, and a lolly bar would be available and I would ask everyone to wear the same colour.

The "Decade" Party

Everyone has been to at least One Decade Party. Where the Party Host chooses a past set of 10 years and gets everybody to dress in the fashion that made that era a time to remember. The most popular themes I have witnessed are 1920's, 1950's, 1960's and 1980's. With the clothes, hair and music all making a comeback in one night it is hard not to have a laugh and a bit of fun.
Just remember, as the host, you MUST research the decade and not just assume that you know what happened and what was in style. For example, big mistakes are made when you think you know the 1920's but you end up with a 1930's party.
Also, it is helpful to your guests (that don't know your chosen decade to well) to put some ideas and suggestions on you invite. Famous People, popular movies and music or even a TV family.





Monday, 3 December 2012

Baby Gender Reveal

The best way to reveal the gender of you baby. Invite the family over and have a cake iced in white ready to go. When everyone has gathered cut the cake and reveal the colour.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Wedding Cake

Weddings, on the whole, have remained as one thing - Traditional. But the one thing that took to evolving first was the wedding cake. No longer a two tiered fruit cake with marzapan, ribbon and a stiff looking couple on top. Now you can find, and even request, any kind of wedding cake you desire.
A tiered wedding cake is still at the top of the list. Traditional and simple! But now variations on the traditional are becomming more popular such as Cupcake towers, Grooms cakes, moving cakes and even ones that have firworks comming from the centre of the cake.