Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Teen Birthday Decorations.

In the last few weeks I have found it difficult to arrange decorations for my daughters birthday. She is at that age when streamers are for babies, so I have been trying to find ways to "Up The Anti" for her birthday. I want her friends to be impressed and I want my daughter to fall in love with the design I have created for her.

Some interesting things that I have found:

Tissue paper pom poms are great for a "WOW" factor. Using fishing line to hang them makes them seem like they are suspended in mid air.

Novelties that teens can decorate themselves are a great take home gift plus it gives them something to do when you are out of ideas. :)

Having some decorations shabby and miss matched makes things seem elegant but still playful.

Every child is going to get to a stage when everything has to be perfect. I am not the best perfectionist, however I want my daughters birthday to reflect who she is at that point in her life.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bride and groom novelties

Every Bride and Groom should have something at the wedding that is different to everyone else. Something that they can keep or even use everyday. Some of my favorites are:

Champagne Flutes

Key Chains

Stubbie holders


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cake Pop Craze

I love, love, love Cake Pops!! They are so much fun to make and even more fun to eat. With all the different characters and designs to make there is a Cake Pop for every occasion.

Lolly Buffet

Something that I wish my Husband and I had done when we got married is have a lolly buffet. Lolly Buffets are great bonbonerie or just as a novelty during the reception. I love seeing Lolly Buffets that are coordinated with the wedding colors and themes.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Baby Shower gifts 2012 style

So, a mother of 2 that I was talking to today is throwing a baby shower for her sister. She was telling me that her sister has had a rough time being pregnant, has been in and out of hospital and has been on bed rest for the past three weeks to continue until delivery. It occurred to me that it would be hard to plan a baby shower with a mother to be that could not leave the bed and would more than likely never want to go through this again. I suggested to the mother of 2 that everyone buy two gifts. Something for baby and something for mummy. Plus, decorate the bedroom she is in for the party, have a few guests at a time visit her at a time, do cupcakes to take home instead of cake and have a tea cart with a variety of herbal teas. Since the mother of 2 was writing down what I said I took that to mean she liked my suggestions. YAY ME!!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Older girls party bags

I have found that Party Bags are still expected  at the end of birthday parties. For younger children the joy of getting a bag of lollies to take home with a balloon and a party whistle is evident on their faces, plus easy for the parents to put together. However, as Girls get older, party bags should grow up with them.
Lollies are still very welcome but a balloon and whistle is a tad too young for girls entering their teen years. I have found these to be very welcome surprises in my eldest daughters party bags.

A Small Candle

A Lip Gloss

A Funky Pen

Even things like Hair accessories, nail polish and small earings are wonderful for a more grown up party bag.

The Backyard Wedding

For a long time the 'Backyard Wedding' seemed to be very frowned upon. It seemed to be that unless you could afford the elegance and swank of a beautiful dining room or a function room at an iconic location you had no business having guests at your wedding. It was either spend thousands of dollars on a reception, go to the registry office or elope.
However, people have started realizing the value of a dollar and the 'Backyard Wedding' is becoming the more personal way to tie the knot.
My Husband and I loved the idea of using our backyard for our wedding and reception. It became more personal and we could basically do whatever we wanted.
You can make you yard look elaborate

or simple

and add all the personal touches you want

Backyard weddings are no longer thought of as Tacky. It has a charm about it that only the individual couple can bring to their day.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

great party idea

These were so much fun to make plus they were a huge hit at my daughters school. I made 4 colors and the lollies in the cone were a wonderful surprise.

Mashmallow Tea Cups

My youngest daughter is turning 5 in a few weeks and has informed me she wants a teddy bear picnic. So when I came across these I was so excited. I cant wait to make them!

Elaborate Cakes

As time goes on Cakes (for all occasions) are getting ever more elaborate. Take this cake I found. I have no problem with big cakes at all, but before you cut into a cake just think about the time and effort that has gone into the mouth watering creation.

Hello Party World

Hey All,
My name is Linley and I am your Online Party Guide. Weddings, parties, Bucks, Hens, Formals, Engagements, Children's Parties... I do them all! Over time I will be updating my blog with photos, links, ideas and my own opinion on all thing Party.
So I hope you enjoy and Party On!!