Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Teen Birthday Decorations.

In the last few weeks I have found it difficult to arrange decorations for my daughters birthday. She is at that age when streamers are for babies, so I have been trying to find ways to "Up The Anti" for her birthday. I want her friends to be impressed and I want my daughter to fall in love with the design I have created for her.

Some interesting things that I have found:

Tissue paper pom poms are great for a "WOW" factor. Using fishing line to hang them makes them seem like they are suspended in mid air.

Novelties that teens can decorate themselves are a great take home gift plus it gives them something to do when you are out of ideas. :)

Having some decorations shabby and miss matched makes things seem elegant but still playful.

Every child is going to get to a stage when everything has to be perfect. I am not the best perfectionist, however I want my daughters birthday to reflect who she is at that point in her life.

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