Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Sleep Over.

Many a parent dread the Sleep over Party. Having just been through one myself I can tell you that there is ALMOST nothing to fear. My advice, when you get a 'Yes' RSVP, ask if there are any allergies or if the child can or can not have sugar. I had a child that had a sugar high at the party, but her parents had neglected to tell me that she does not have sugar at home. Once I realized this, the sugar went away and the fruit came out.
Otherwise, the night went well. I found it better to spread he food out instead of lumping it all together on the table before everything had begun. The best thing at the party, and my new best friend, was the movie collection. young teens are always happy to just sit and watch a movie with some popcorn and chips. The movies that proved popular were:

Alice In Wonderland


Step Up

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