Monday, 20 August 2012

The Backyard Wedding

For a long time the 'Backyard Wedding' seemed to be very frowned upon. It seemed to be that unless you could afford the elegance and swank of a beautiful dining room or a function room at an iconic location you had no business having guests at your wedding. It was either spend thousands of dollars on a reception, go to the registry office or elope.
However, people have started realizing the value of a dollar and the 'Backyard Wedding' is becoming the more personal way to tie the knot.
My Husband and I loved the idea of using our backyard for our wedding and reception. It became more personal and we could basically do whatever we wanted.
You can make you yard look elaborate

or simple

and add all the personal touches you want

Backyard weddings are no longer thought of as Tacky. It has a charm about it that only the individual couple can bring to their day.

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