Friday, 24 August 2012

Baby Shower gifts 2012 style

So, a mother of 2 that I was talking to today is throwing a baby shower for her sister. She was telling me that her sister has had a rough time being pregnant, has been in and out of hospital and has been on bed rest for the past three weeks to continue until delivery. It occurred to me that it would be hard to plan a baby shower with a mother to be that could not leave the bed and would more than likely never want to go through this again. I suggested to the mother of 2 that everyone buy two gifts. Something for baby and something for mummy. Plus, decorate the bedroom she is in for the party, have a few guests at a time visit her at a time, do cupcakes to take home instead of cake and have a tea cart with a variety of herbal teas. Since the mother of 2 was writing down what I said I took that to mean she liked my suggestions. YAY ME!!

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